Catherine Rule, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Airports [Townsville] Pty. Ltd. Appointed to ACI-Pacific Regional Board

3rd ACI-Pacific Small Airports Seminar - 2002

Who is ACI

The Airports Council International (ACI), created in 1991, is the international association of the world's airports. It is a non-profit organization, the prime purpose of which is to foster cooperation among its member airports and with other partners in world aviation, including governmental, airline and aircraft manufacturing organizations. Through this cooperation, ACI makes a significant contribution to providing the traveling and shipping public with an air transport system that is safe, secure, efficient and environmentally compatible.

ACI has a membership of 554 airports and airport authorities operating over 1500 airports across 169 countries and territories. In 2001, ACI members handled almost 3.4 billion passengers and some 68 million tonnes of cargo.

ACI has its World Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and is made up of six geographical regions Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, North America and the Pacific.