Catherine Rule, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Airports [Townsville] Pty. Ltd. Appointed to ACI-Pacific Regional Board

3rd ACI-Pacific Small Airports Seminar - 2002


ACI’s supreme authority is the General Assembly, which consists of the official representatives of all ACI regular members.

The ACI Governing Board, which is made up of 29 members, meets at least twice every year and decides ACI policy and examines any matters not specifically referred to the Assembly. Representatives to the Governing Board are airport representatives from each of the six ACI regions.

The ACI Executive Committee consists of seven members, one representative of each region and the elected Chairman of ACI. The Executive Committee supervises the work of ACI between Governing Board meetings. Both the Executive Committee and the Governing Board are headed by the elected Chairman of ACI.

ACI has five World Standing Committees, which develop airport policies in their respective areas of competence: economics, environment, facilitation, aviation, security, and technical/safety. Each region holds two seats on each committee.

The Director General, ACI’s principal staff officer and spokesman, is responsible for implementing the policies of the General Assembly and the ACI Governing Board. The Secretary General is responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of ACI World Headquarters. A number of directors, covering aeropolitical, economic, environmental, facilitation, security, technical and regional affairs report to the Secretary General.