Catherine Rule, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Airports [Townsville] Pty. Ltd. Appointed to ACI-Pacific Regional Board

3rd ACI-Pacific Small Airports Seminar - 2002

Regular Membership

A Regular Member is an entity or organization which owns or operates one or more airports with commercial air service and which entity is primarily responsible for the management, operation and policy setting of the entire airside and/or terminal building operations of the airport(s). Regular members are automatically affiliated with the geographical region in which they are located – meaning airports geographically located in the Pacific Region are automatically affiliated with that region.

Membership dues are based on the number of traffic units attributed to the airport(s) to become members. A single traffic unit is defined as:
· One enplaned passenger
· One deplaned passenger
· One hundred kilograms (220 pounds) of enplaned cargo (freight + mail)
· One hundred kilograms (220 pounds) of deplaned cargo (freight + mail)

If your airport is interested in ACI membership, please complete and submit the online ACI Regular Membership Application Form.