Catherine Rule, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Airports [Townsville] Pty. Ltd. Appointed to ACI-Pacific Regional Board

3rd ACI-Pacific Small Airports Seminar - 2002

The Pacific Region of ACI

Although ACI was officially formed in 1991, a regional association of Pacific Rim airports (a predecessor of ACI-Pacific) has existed since 1971. The Pacific Region encompasses Northeast and Southeast Asia, Australasia, the island nations in the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver (Canada), San Francisco (USA) and Hawaii (USA).

ACI-Pacific Region is currently allocated five seats on the ACI Governing Board. In addition, a twelve-member Regional Board made up of senior airport executives from airports throughout the Pacific oversees the activities of the Regional Office. The ACI-Pacific Regional Board is comprised of the following members:

As at 8 September 2001


Toru Nakamura

Narita Airport Authority

Vice President

John Martin

San Francisco International Airport

Secretary Treasurer

Wong Woon Liong

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Past President

George Bellew

Christchurch International Airport Company









Larry Berg

Vancouver International Airport Authority

Akira Niwa

Haneda International Airport

David Pang

Airport Authority Hong Kong

Li Peiying

Beijing Capital Airport Company

Catherine Rule

Australian Airports [Townsville] Pty. Ltd.

Adnan Shamsuddin

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad

Tony Stuart

Sydney International Airport Company

Ung Sup Yoon

Korea Airports Authority

The Regional Administrator is responsible for the management and administration of the Pacific Regional Office, located in Vancouver, Canada, and is assisted by additional regional office staff as necessary. Currently, the Regional Office is staffed as follows:

Laura Daley
Regional Administrator
Tel: +1-604-276-6773

Akiko Nagakiya
Regional Coordinator – Conferences and Member Services
Tel: +1-604-276-6191

Louise Hill
Executive Assistant
Tel: +1-604-276-6753


ACI-Pacific holds a single regional assembly and conference annually. The venue changes each year to a new location within the Region. ACI-Pacific also holds specialty workshops and seminars on various topics on an ad hoc basis between annual conferences.

Funding & Dues

ACI-Pacific Region’s activities, and those of ACI-Headquarters in Geneva, are funded by a combination of membership dues, advertising sponsorship, and other revenue. Please contact the Regional Office if you require information on dues or other funding.